As of May 2, 2019, Mud Hole Custom Tackle, Inc. has successfully completed the acquisition of RodDancer Fishing Products and its brands, which will be folded into the ProProducts product offering. This transition will be seamless without any disruption of supply to distributors and customers.

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Candelight Thread

Candlelight. A lightweight metallic yarn like material ideal for tying flies, wrapping jigs, and embellishing rods. This material was introduced at ICAST 2008 and quickly became our most talked about material!

(15 yard Cards)

003 red 006 medium blue 007 pink 008 green 010copper/lavendarilver 012 lavendar 014 light blue
020 melon 021 copper 024 pink 025 lime green 026 purple 028 yellow 030 midnight
034 sea froam blue 040 royal blue blk black gld gold gsv gold/silver rnb rainbow sil silver
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